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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Unsquared Afghan

here's another project I have going on... this one is crochet.
It is going to be so interesting. I am crocheting it in a really interesting yarn called CUPCAKE. The project is called the "Unsquared Afghan" What a neat idea... rather than Granny Squares.. they are circles that will be attached together. I can't wait until it's done!!
I just started it last week. This is my progress so far.

Mother/Daughter Afghan

So, my daughter and I are knitting an afghan together... I taught her how to make facecloths/dishcloths first... and she made one all on her own. Then she went on to make a wristband. Then she started a cell phone purse (which I finished.) Then we decided to make an afghan together. We went to a GREAT yarn store in Charlotte when we had a GIRLS DAY, and she picked out some INCREDIBLE cotton yarn called Cotton Fleece. She picked out her colors (all pastels, since those are the colors in her room) and we are making squares on the diagonal ( from the facecloth pattern) when we are done, we will sew them all together. Our first project TOGETHER. The picture is our progress so far.

I like beer too!!!

I'm just more LADY-Like about it... lol, so I had to find a different cozy for my beer... I finally came across the PERFECT pattern for MY COZY!! A BEER CORSET!! I love it!!!
I'll definitely have to make a few more of these.. in different colors.. maybe they'll end up being gifts, who knows. I just know I love to dress up my beer. LOL

Chuck's Beer Cozy

Chuck - my ARMY hubby (who is training to be a Drill Sergeant) LOVES beer. He almost ALWAYS uses some sort of Cozy for his beer when he drinks. I've been so into knitting lately, I thought I'd knit him a cozy for his beer.
After one failed attempt, I came up with this one... but, he doesn't like it all that much, b/c there isn't a bottom to it, and he says it keeps falling out of the bottom... UGH. I'll have to come up with something else.

I make soap... why not make a soap-saver bag too?!?!

so... I've been making my own soap for a while now... now that I've been knitting/crocheting alot, I thought... why not make a soap saver bag for my soaps?!?!
I searched quite a while for JUST the RIGHT pattern... The Chinese Wave!!
I had some great bamboo yarn in my stash, thought it would be perfect for the bags.
I made my first one last night while watching TV (had to take a break for dinner). here is the finished product. I'm sure I'll make another one (or two) tonight. I just love the pattern, and the finished product. What a GREAT gift idea!!!

Found this picture of my mom in an old photo album she let me take home a few weeks ago... I don't know what it is about this picture.. but I can't get enough of it. Have you ever come across an old pic that you just can't get enough of???
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Back In Action...maybe it'll stick this time??

I am going to try to do the blog thing again. I tried this a while back, but keeping in the tradition of me, I didn't keep up with it. ;-)

I really have no idea what I'm doing with this blog thing... YES, I'm a little behind.. LOL so bear with me.. and PLEASE.. if you have any tips, tricks, ideas for me.. feel free to share them with me!!

I've got to take this as I go, little by little... I do things best that way.
I've got lots of things going on right now... maybe this will help me keep track of them. If I can sort of make myself a check off list on here, and check them off as I go.. maybe I'll be more motivated to get them done!! (cause, lately, for some reason, I haven't been. GRRRR) :(

I titled my blog.. "A little bit of this, and a little bit of that" b/c it seems that's the story of my life... it's always a buffet of things.. even with my hobbies. you should see my craft closet!! LOL. just a whole bunch of "A little bit of this and a little bit of that"!!! But, it keeps things interesting, I guess. I just wish it could be more ORGANIZED!!!!

well... maybe I'll end this with my most recent TO DO list.

1. finish organizing kitchen
2. organize craft closet
3. scrub bathrooms
4. fix computer
5. list items on BluJay/Craigslist/Etsy
6. go through kids clothes and separate ALL that are outgrown
7. go through my clothes and find all that are unwanted
8. Shampoo carpets
9. Clean computer desk and side table next to it
10. take a whole day and spend it playing at the park with family