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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Yellow Bird from Angry Birds crochet by pioneerprimitives

The Yellow Bird from Angry Birds crochet by pioneerprimitives

check out this CUTE angry birds pattern!!!
love it!!!

while you are at it, check out the GREEN PIG pattern also.
I like them both so much, can't decide which one I like more!!! :o)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm not an eco warrior... I'm an eco princess!: Asian inspired pasta

I'm not an eco warrior... I'm an eco princess!: Asian inspired pasta

started following this blog from - and the very first thing I saw was this recipe using salmon. i'm always looking for good salmon recipes, as I really don't like it most of the time, but I know how good it is for you.
this recipe looks sooooooooooooo yummy!!!
going to HAVE to try it one of these days!!

I look forward to following her, and seeing what else she comes up with!!
go check her out!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


so excited to be part of a church making a HUGE difference!!!

LOVE REVOLUTION: Home: "A letter from Pastor Todd: The last five years have been an amazing ride at Next Level Church. What started as a God-given dream given to a..."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Frizzle!: Showing off my new self made skirt!!!

My Frizzle!: Showing off my new self made skirt!!!

another blog I found from swap-bot
she is from the Netherlands
and just finished TODAY such a cute skirt!! go check it out!!!

Unionvale Mom's Spot

Unionvale Mom's Spot

another super-nice blog I found from a swap on

there are some GREAT people on swap-bot!!!

BPositive. BFree

BPositive. BFree

found this wonderful blog from a swap.
so far, I am glued. what a wonderful blog. what a wonderful, good-hearted person!!
don't find many people like that just walking around on the streets!!!

check out her blog...
i bet it'll make you smile!!

I did.

Friday, March 11, 2011

PLEASE help if you can!!!! - and PLEASE share the link/info!!!

Soldier's Angels - Medical Support: Want to adopt a small medic unit? I've got dozens waiting!

Want to adopt a small medic unit? I've got dozens waiting!

All of these units are in small, remote combat support outposts with very few amenities. They are asking for simple, basic stuff that they just can't get over there! Like snacks, peanut butter, laundry detergent, etc. If you can send even a single package with just some of the items, that will be a huge help!

If you can help, email me for the address:
Please include the "UNIT NAME" that you want to assist in your email subject line.


Unit name "Michael - Restoration Center"
This is a combat stress clinic, where soldiers go for a few days to rest and de-stress, with 8 beds. Restoration program for soldiers that are having problems emotionally and mentally problems downrange. mostly Male and some females

New requests from Mike:

-Vacuum cleaner for their carpet (used is fine)
-BBQ tools (they have a grill and want to hold some cook-outs as a morale booster) - oven mitt, tongs, etc
-Snacks, Consider home-made cookies, junk food and a mix of healthy snacks, too.
-Microwaveable food (Hormel meals, ramen noodles in a cup, mac and cheese, popcorn)
-Tuna pouches

UNIT NAME "Derrick - Warrior transition unit"
In-patient facility for injured soldiers to recover in-country.


-Feminine hygiene supplies (five females total)
-Toiletries - (shaving cream, razors, body wash, lotion, chap-stick, powder, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, soap, hand-sanitizer, wipes, etc)
Cough Drops
Music CDs
Paper back books
Peanut butter, jelly, honey
Crackers, etc.
Candy - hard candy, suckers, etc.
Coffee (whole bean please)
Coffee creamer and sweeteners
Hot Tea
Hot cocoa
Microwave popcorn
Instant Oatmeal
Drink mixes ( a mix of regular and sugar-free)

UNIT NAME = "Christine - Evac Unit"
supplies for female patients:
-Sports bras, (sizes 34, 36)
-shampoo/conditioner for women,
-baby wipes,
-magazines for women

UNIT NAME = "Kathrine 102nd FST"
Requests: Tide detergent with bleach

win BIG in the Pound for Pound Challenge with Laughing Lindsay

head over to Laughing Lindsay's blog and check out the giveaway for the Pound for Pound challenge.
you will enter the Pound for Pound challenge (heard on The Biggest Loser)
and there are lots of ways you can multiple entries!!

let me know how you do!!!!

good luck!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wreck this journal

have you ever heard of a book called "Wreck this Journal"??
I've seen it here and there at book stores, and thought, WHY would someone spend money on the book just to destroy it???
BUT, I looked it up on and it looks like it's a BLAST!!!

I also found a flickr group where people have posted pics of their pages

I had so much fun looking through them!!

this made me think it would be fun to go buy the book and get involved!!
BUT THEN.........

I found a swap-bot swap!!!

this makes so much more sense to me!!
buy a cheap, plain notebook, and MAKE YOUR OWN - Wreck This Journal!!
or better yet, swap them!!!

i'm sooooooooooo all over this!!!

and now the kids want to make their own too!!!

i'll try to come back and post pics of the one I make and send out, the one I receive, as I get through the pages, and the ones the kids do, also.

and, please, let me know if you do your own.