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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - "ME" Time

The theme for this week’s Ten on Tuesday is a fantastic one. 10 Favorite Things to do During “Me” Time. from

1. Knit.

2. watch Rachael Ray (9am every day!!) (and I usually knit while I'm watching. hehe)

3. scrapbook

4. I know this sounds funny for a 31 y/o... but I LOVE visiting all the antique shops in the area. I think I've been to all of them now... and I visit them often!! I enjoy it so much. I LOVE antiques!!! (I think I get it from my mom!!)

5. Read. I'm building up quite the library!! :) and my kids are too.

6. Facebook!!! - I've gotten back in touch with friends from high school.. and family members I don't get to talk to often, and some I haven't seen in YEARS!! I LOVE Facebook!!!!

7. lay on the beach

8. Bake

9. get out to a coffee shop... (any, really, but Dunkin Donuts is my FAVE) and enjoy a coffee to myself... with 3 kids (10, 9 and 5) quiet times to myself are few and far between... and coffee is a MUST!!! :)

10. Take Pictures - I've been saying for years... I'd love to have a little side "job" taking pictures and putting my pictures on the front of note cards and selling them!!

How about you? What do you do with your “me time”?


  1. I remember the days I toted 3 boys around with me which included my nephew and my neighbor's soon - all I would wish for was 10 minutes for myself. The coffee shop idea sounds like a good one. Your idea for picture taking sounds good, you should really explore it.

  2. My me time dream is to get an hour at the computer to catch up on Rav, Facebook, and all the blogs!

  3. My me time favourite is cross-stitching with no-one else in the house....a VERY rare occurrence at the moment...

  4. I like to knit and crochet in my Me time. I also love to cruise livejournal and ravelry :)

    -rachelgogan (swap bot)

  5. Great me-time things, I would add (for me) pot of tea with a good friend :)

  6. I use my own photographs on greeting cards that I make quite often. They work well, you should do it!
    I dont get a lot of "me time" anymore, not like I used to. Working full-time Mon-Fri generally means that I use the weekends to do the household chores, but when I do find a moment I love, love, LOVE to sit down with a good book, surf the net and catch up with what is happening in the blogosphere, and craft (paper-crafts, mostly: ATCs, scrapbooking, decorative journals, mail art...). I'd love to be able to find the time to learn how to sew and crochet, but to date this hasnt happened...Maybe someday? :)

  7. 4. It is not weird that you love antiques. I'm 24 and would rather spend my time in an antique shop than a bar for cocktails. It shows that you're an old soul, I think. People who appreciate the past live a more healthy and rounded future.

    krstawrdtravels @ Swap-Bot

  8. I'm addicted to facebook too, and I also love to read. I was living abroad for six months last year and we didnt have internet in our apartment, and when I had some time to myself I'd absolutely just love to go to Starbucks, get a hot chocolate, and go to an internet cafe and just submerge myself in facebook and myspace and livejournal and just gorge myself on it, I'd be there for hours at a time lol