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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18th

I am on day 2 of working 3rd shift this week
it's rough!!
I don't know how people do this on a regular basis.. everyone says "you get used to it"
but I was seeing lots of the regulars more tired than I was last night, early this morning!!

the first night, we set up all the valentine's stuff in the front of the store.
they have some REALLY cute stuff this year... lots of SOCK MONKEYS!!
but, man, the prices are pretty high for some pretty cheap stuff!!
as I was putting some of the stuffed animals out on the shelves, I was seeing lots of holes in the seams.

I wish I could find a way to get MY products out on the shelves of a major store like that.
you wouldn't see any holes in the seams of MY products!!

ANYWAY, I have been trying to do alot of changing this year.
i NEED to spend more time with my kids!!!!
not that I don't, but the reality that my kids are becoming teenagers, and will soon be out of the house for college, etc, in a handfull of years HIT ME HARD!!!

and my next project is ME.... EVERY year I say i'm going to lose weight this year,
but I want THIS year to be the year I do it.
I really don't care how much weight I lose,
I mostly just want to fit back into the closet full of clothes I have, and stop wearing just the handfull of items that fit me that sit in a pile outside my walk in closet.

my problem is consistency and schedules
i've NEVER been able to do it!!!!
i don't know what it is
it's not that hard

can't I do these things???


on another note.
I am seriously in need of ideas and suggestions on what to do with my etsy page
how to promote it
what items I need to add/remove to make it better
etc,etc, etc

so, if you are still reading, and you have any ideas
i'd LOVE to hear them!!!

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