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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wreck this journal

have you ever heard of a book called "Wreck this Journal"??
I've seen it here and there at book stores, and thought, WHY would someone spend money on the book just to destroy it???
BUT, I looked it up on and it looks like it's a BLAST!!!

I also found a flickr group where people have posted pics of their pages

I had so much fun looking through them!!

this made me think it would be fun to go buy the book and get involved!!
BUT THEN.........

I found a swap-bot swap!!!

this makes so much more sense to me!!
buy a cheap, plain notebook, and MAKE YOUR OWN - Wreck This Journal!!
or better yet, swap them!!!

i'm sooooooooooo all over this!!!

and now the kids want to make their own too!!!

i'll try to come back and post pics of the one I make and send out, the one I receive, as I get through the pages, and the ones the kids do, also.

and, please, let me know if you do your own.


  1. This is hysterical! Thanks for posting! AmyHarrison41689 from Swap-Bot

  2. that is super awesome that you are getting your kids involved in this type of journaling. it is a really rewarding experience.

  3. oh fun! too bad i missed the swap sign-up date!
    memtree from swap-bot

  4. I love the idea of this! i have a wreck this journal myself, can't wait to shower with it!

    isisanyanka (swapbot)

  5. I have my own wreck this journal but some pages stay unwrecked because I just didn't find anytime or the right way to do them. (I marked the pages with sticknotes) but to make your own would be verry hard I believe! (I really love the idea!) I just cant think of that many things with if for myself! do you know there is a sequel on wreck this journal? its with a bit more quizz sort of things in it (not only destroying it)
    greetings Serafina145 ( from blog comment (9) at swap-bot)