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Monday, May 23, 2011


lately, i've been trying to focus on my etsy shop

there must be something I'm not doing
I am VERY open to suggestions, if anyone has any.
I'd LOVE to "hear" them!!!

I think I'm #1 - not getting enough traffic to my shop
and #2 - not carrying the right items???
the DS pen leashes were doing pretty good for a while, but have come to a stop.
I'm trying the bead marker route right now (mostly b/c Morgan and I spent a few hours one day making them and talking, and enjoying "girl time")
I'd like to sew some more items and get them up, but not sure which way to go with it.
I made a few doggie bandannas and enjoyed that.
I'd love to find a nice used embroidery machine so I could personalize items that I make
I think that's a wonderful service to offer people.

anyway, i'm just babbling
and hoping maybe someone will have some ideas for me.

thanks for listening.


  1. I really didn't want to delurk just to say something negative so I'll start with something nice. I like your ideas good enough. I'd buy the idea. I think your photos need work. For example person's photos[0]=tags&ga_search_query=swiffer&ga_facet= make me want to buy hers. However, your photo just made me think I should make one. Also, I'd probably add more tags to your items.

    I enjoy your blog so I hope I don't seem mean and I hope this is helpful.


  2. you don't seem mean at all!! that's exactly what I asked for!! constructive criticism! I NEED that so much more!! THANK YOU THANK YOU
    I will work on my photos
    (until now, i've just used my phone, but I have a great camera now, so maybe this will be a good thing!)
    please let me know what you think once I get the new pics going. :o)

  3. Hi!
    I've got few words to you too :)
    I agree with cuteteabunny, you need more "catchy" photos... I really like this one:

    It's yummy picture!

    So.. don't use flashlight (?) on your camera (sorry, don't know right term, hope you'll understand) like here:

    And let someone to make a picture of you, don't use mirror like here:

    I really understand your problem, I've got etsy-like e-shop too (here:

    Have a nice day! :)
    Klára - Lorelei

  4. I agree maybe better pics but other than that I love your etsy shop. If I had the money I would buy that ladybug marker.

    ~J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  5. pics... I can work on that!!
    thanks for your input everyone!!

    i'm shocked actually, as I figured the problem would be my prices...
    but those are ok???

    what about variety?? should I add a wider variety of items?? or should I minimize and only focus on one theme??

    because you guys have helped me out,
    i'd like to offer you a discount on my etsy shop
    just enter BLOGGER in on checkout. :o)

    thanks so much

  6. I have the same problems as you. I think the shops that get the most traffic just simply have A TON of listings (like hundreds!!). Otherwise, I have no suggestions for you ... it's cute! (sarachung via swap-bot)