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Friday, May 27, 2011


last night, I finished this cute little guy!!!
the first pic is one I forgot to load yesterday
it just shows the yarn I used (I only used .25 of the skein) and for the face, and the black yarn, I just used a small amount of odds and ends I keep in a box.

I really need to learn how to embroider better, cause I think I messed up his face.
but that's my fault, not anything from the pattern.
the pattern is just wonderful, and easy to understand.
here's a link to the designer


  1. He is so adorable and I think he looks just wonderful :) x (slr85 swapbot)

  2. How adorable is he?!fabulous!

  3. love your little monkey (blackbird4 sb

  4. That is such a cute little guy! Sorry it has taken me so long to leave a comment, but I have been having problems with IE and blogger accounts ... using firefox now. Anyhow, really cute blog!
    (sarachung via swapbot)