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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BEAUTIFUL Fingerless Gloves pattern

The Arboretum: Skaði Fingerless Gloves

I LOVE the pattern on these fingerless gloves...
definitely have to try this one

Skaði Fingerless Gloves

Skaði is the Norse goddess and giantess associated with skiing, mountains and winter. These fingerless gloves are a snug choice for winter, using moss stitch to create a dense yet stretchy fabric.



1 skein of Palette Vintage Worsted yarn (9 wpi) in Enamel

5mm (H) hook

Needle to weave in ends


Uses US crochet terms


Ch 25

Row 1: Single crochet around back-loops only. Slip stitch to first stitch, turn.

Row 2-9: Repeat as above. This should form back-loop only ribbing.

Hand portion:

Row 10: Moss stitch around (switch to crocheting in the round). Moss stitch = *1 single crochet into both loops, chain over next stitch* repeat *to*

Row 11 onwards: * **Sc into chain space, ch over sc**, every 5 **to** inc by 1 (sc ch sc ch in 1 ch space)* repeat *to* 10 times

After: *Moss stitch around inc by 1 every 10 sts* repeat *to* 3 times

After: *Moss stitch around (no increases)* until the moss stitch fabric above the cuff measure around 2 inches.

Thumb hole: ch1, slip stitch into 7 moss sts before (14 loops – sc ch). Moss stitch around until measures 1 inch. Slip stitch and bind off.

Rest of hand: reattach at bottom edge of thumb hole. Moss stitch around until measures 2 inches from thumb divide.

Edging: *slip stitch in first loop, double crochet in next loop* repeat *to* until reach beginning. Slip stitch, bind off.

Weave in all ends.

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